What is WLTH?

An open-source technology that allows individuals to be incentivized and rewarded for personal health improvements and secure data-sharing

Democratisation of Data Profits

The WLTH protocol is creating a new ‘health commons’; a global decentralized store of health data drawn with user permission from personal technology and IoT devices.

This data is de-identified and accessible to data buyers, with 100% of the profits from its sale returned to users.


Health Behaviour Change

As a tokenised system it provides a frictionless, universal way to reward app users to reach health goals, whether that is taking 15,000 steps a day, partaking in a new medical research study, or getting adequate sleep.

Those tokens can then be spent on products and services offered from within apps, or by the buyers of the resulting data.


Innovations and Collaboration

The WLTH Protocol is open-source and designed for any app, present or future, to integrate it into their value proposition, opening up infinite possibilities for its use.

WLTH’s token economy and data infrastructure is designed for health & wellness stakeholders, creating a substantial and globally-compliant data asset, allowing for innovative collaboration between currently fragmented industry players.


The result is a safe, encrypted,
de-identified, and decentralised solution that enables:

  • A user to be set an AI health goal as a smart contract

  • A partner app to track & support goal attainment

    e.g. hours of sleep / steps per day

  • WLTH to validate smart contract achievement

    + Authorize WLTH Token to be paid for goal achievement

  • WLTH to allow secure sale of data to buyers

    + Enable WLTH Token to be paid for this data access