To democratise health, by unlocking the power of data to redefine and redistribute the wealth of health.

A Collaborative Health Economy

The health and wellness sector suffers from a fundamental lack of coordination, as well as trust and value distribution issues. The result is a poorer outcome for the world’s collective health, and poor motivation for service providers to efficiently coordinate solutions to address it.

Now, the evolution of the sharing/collaborative economy is allowing individuals and groups to start benefiting from optimizing their own intangible assets – such as data – and begin shifting the balance of value creation and distribution.


Creating A Health Commons

In light of its potential positive impacts on broader society (e.g. reduced morbidity and health costs), health and wellness data should be thought of as a commons; a store of value that is governed or managed by the group for the collective benefit of that group and its individuals.

Until now, this ‘health commons’ has been neglected, fragmented amongst constituents with no real steward.

Asking Key Questions

  • What is the economic value of our collective health and wellbeing?

  • Can we imagine a value system that rewards contributory health activities instead of rent-extractive (centralised) approaches?

  • Can new and innovative streams of value be recognised, and become the basis of a new type of value; our shared and continually improved health commons?