Network Tokens

WLTH and WXH are the native tokens of the WLTH network, together controlling all actions and outcomes within the ecosystem.



Continually generated by miners in the process of securing the network, WLTH is the rewards and payment token of the WLTH Protocol.

Miners receive it as reward for their honest reporting of transactions
Apps receive it for their users’ data quality and frequency
Users receive it for meeting their health goals

WLTH is also used as a means of payment within the ecosystem; by data buyers for user data, and by users of apps for goods and services e.g. in-app purchases, or a health insurance policy.



Limited to a finite number, WXH is the validating token of the wHealth network.

Holders of WXH can stake tokens to act as network miners, securing the protocol against fraudulent actions.

In the process of mining, WLTH Tokens are issued in line with network demand. The miners receive a portion as reward for their work and the remainder is distributed as rewards to users for achieving health goals.